Before clearing
Session id JS =node05p3kf3yd9lv6io23ppwc6e751449 lt =LTdaed4a95-f326-4704-8868-d470a0fcc6a1 uexclusive BasicUser=null ppc=SMTPDERBY SMTPDERBY
-1: last access 2019-11-21T11:49:52.060Z true: creation2019-11-21T11:49:52.060Z
no cookies
User Sessions not available too low access level

TLS Attributes
ssl_protocol=invalid ssl session object

Local Storage
Note that JSESSION the java session will alternate because it is created after the clear function runs unless it is being cleared also the namespace may not be that clear for it
clear user sessions and all 0 cookies and blank out long term cookie and exclusive session ids, basic user was nullfunction first level identfied as user